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Personal blog.
I may be triggering at times.

24 years old. British Iranian. Gamer. ED. Philanthropist.

Note: My blog is so random, it's just filled with the things i like. Take this in to account if you decided to follow me.

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 Charismatic Animal Portraits by Tim Flach

An award-winning photographer Tim Flach captures animals in a way they haven’t been seen before. His newest book, More than Human, is a true animal portrait masterpiece, where the expressions of the creatures look almost human-like. The artist spends hours to find the right individual lighting patterns, obverses animals’ reaction to music or silence, and even adjusts the room temperature.

The book is available at and

"Watch Dogs is sure to be a fantastic game."

Make me choose:↳ Anonymous asked: Joel or Booker

Make me choose:
↳ Anonymous asked: Joel or Booker